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Can I order in quantities less than carton quantities?

The VISIPLAS prices are very competitive because we only sell our products on the website in carton quantities.

Are other colour bins available?

All the VISIPLAS parts trays and bins are available in standard blue colour. All of our parts trays and picking bins feature a large flat front face for adhesive labels. Colour coding can be achieved by using different label colours.

How many of the Picking Bins can I fit onto a louvre panel?

See the quantity table under Product Info.

Can dividers be fitted to the Pick Bins?

The AP35, AS6, AS7 and AS8 Picking Bins will take dividers, which can be ordered separately. Adding one divider will create 2 equal sized compartments and adding 2 dividers will create 3 equal sized compartments.  The AS6 Picking Bin has one divider included as standard.

Does VISIPLAS pallet racking upright protectors meet Australian and International Standards?

Yes, the VISIPLAS upright protector is designed to meet and exceed the impact requirements of Section 2.4 of the Australian Standard for Steel Storage Racking AS4084-2012. See Extract from Australian Standard. The standard requires the upright protector to be designed for an energy absorption of not less than 400Nm as a frontal impact load for intermediate rack uprights. See Testing Certification. The applicable International Standard is EN 15512-2009 from which the Australian Standard is derived.

What is the major advantage of the VISIPLAS pallet racking upright protector?

Cost effective reduction of impact damage to frame upright.

Can the VISIPLAS upright protector be used in Cold Stores?

The VISIPLAS upright protector can be used in applications down to -30 degrees C.

What tools are required for installation?

The protectors do not require tools for fitting as the protectors are easily attached to the rack upright with the included heavy duty cable ties.  Spare cable ties are included in each carton of protectors

Can I pick up product from the warehouse?

You can pick up or you can arrange your own carrier to pick up from the warehouse for your state. Note that orders from Victoria are serviced from our Sydney warehouse.  See details on the Contact Us page.

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