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Louvred Panels for Storage Bins

Need to Find Louvered Panels for Plastic Storage Bins? Find Louvre Panels and Bins Easily

You run a versatile business, so you need versatile storage options. You might have plenty of plastic bins at your facility, but maybe you don’t have a convenient place in which to put them. Then again, you just might have an empty wall or some space on the side of a desk or unused workbench. In that case, you may want to think about purchasing some louvred panels for plastic bins. Louvre panels and the bins that fit them represent an ideal way to convert empty areas on vertical planes into effective storage space. When you choose to use them, they can provide you with an easy way to make your workspace more efficient.

How Can Louvre Panels and Bins Help You?

Louvre panels for storage bins provide a modular solution for attaching bins to just about any vertical surface. They are often made from steel, and their hooks can hold bins of varying weight—if the wall on which the panel is affixed can support the load. Many professionals and hobby craftsmen alike use louvre panels for their plastic bins so that they can hang them in convenient places and move them as needed. These panels provide a much needed organisational element to many environments that might otherwise be somewhat cluttered.

A research project at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute shows that disorganisation has a measurable impact on the human brain. Specifically, spaces with too many assorted—or unsorted—items force the brain to take in less information about each one of them. If you are doing complicated mechanical or industrial work, this kind of hindrance can have a severe impact on your ability to complete precision tasks. As such, it is advisable to use solutions such as louvered panels and bins to keep your space better organised so that you can continue to work with efficiency.

Trust the Experience of VISIPLAS

If you are searching for louvre panels in Australia, one business you should be sure to contact is VISIPLAS Australia. We are an experienced provider of plastic storage products for warehouses, retail businesses, and other commercial or industrial applications. For more than eight years we have provided a variety of products exclusively focused on this specific function, including some of the most dependable louvre panels in the industry. We offer steel louvered panels, wire loop and heavy duty hooks, and pick bins to fit our panels with a depth of up to 300mm. With our help, you’ll find it easy to transform your workspace into a high-efficiency area where you can keep the items you need within easy reach always.

Don’t let disarray dominate your workplace. Create practical solutions when you order louvered panels from VISIPLAS. Contact us anytime during regular business hours at 02 8199 3240 and ask to speak with a representative on our staff who can tell you more about our products or help you place an order. We look forward to changing the way you work.


Steel Louvre Panel BL3

Steel Louvre Panel 914mm high x 455mm wide – 2 per carton

Always ensure that the wall the panel is affixed to can support the required load.
Use 2 panels to create an 1829mm high panel.
Use a minimum of 8 fixings per panel.

Wire Loop Hook BLW

Wire Loop Hook 150mm length 5 kgs UDL

Heavy Duty Hook BLX

Heavy Duty Hook 250mm Length 10kgs UDL

Pick Bins on Louvre

Pick Bins up to 300mm depth fit onto shelves or louvre panels.  See quantities of Pick Bins to fit onto one BL3 Louvred Panel below.


Quantities of Pick Bins per Louvre Panel

These are the recommended quantities of Pick Bins to fit onto a Louvre Panel 914mm high x 455mm wide.

Pick Bin Code

D = Depth mm

W = Width mm

H = Height mm Pick Bin Quantity per BL3 Louvre Panel 914mm H x 455mm W
AP01 130 207 60 48 x AP01
AP11 180 107 90 32 x AP11
AP22 225 143 140 18 x AP22
AP32 300 143 140 18 x AP32
AP33 300 217 140 12 x AP33
AP35 300 434 140 6 x AP35